North Hills Gravel Conversions

Green Summit is partnering with North Hills Community to xeriscape the front yards. Please fill out the survey below to input your preferences for your yard.

North Hills Xeriscape FAQs

What is included with the xeriscape conversion?

Removal of turf/grass only, and installation of weed barrier fabric with one of the five gravel options installed on top of the fabric.

Where can I see the gravel samples for the five gravel options?

You can see the samples at the HOA management company office, Blue Door Realty, LLC at 4041 Barbara Loop SE in Rio Rancho.

What is the depth of the gravel installed?

The gravel depth will be approximately 2.5 inches.

What happens to the existing tree roots that are above ground?

Smaller tree roots will be excavated out in the demolition process. Larger roots will remain in place and gravel and fabric will be placed on top of them.

What will be done about my dead tree/tree stump in the front yard?

Tree stumps will not be removed and the gravel and weed barrier fabric will be placed around them. If you would like to have your stump or dead tree removed for an additional charge, please designate that when filling out the project survey.

Do I have to be there when the installation happens?

No you do not have to be present, you will be given a one-week window when your job is scheduled. If the schedule changes and it moves your job outside the one-week window, you will be notified.

I would like to be there when the work is done, can I schedule a specific day and time to get my work done?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests, we cannot accommodate this. If we did, it would slow down the productivity of the job and push the schedule back.