Montecito Estates Plant & Tree Drive

Green Summit is partnering with Montecito Estates to install the trees & plants donated by homeowners. Please fill out the survey below to participate in the tree & plant drive.

Montecito Estates Plant Drive FAQs

How does this work?

Homeowners at Montecito Estates can sign up to purchase trees and plants which will be installed in the community in an effort to help beautify the community. 

Can I see pictures of what I am purchasing?

Click the link to view the survey and see photos of the trees/plants that you may choose from. 

How much do the trees and shrubs cost?

1 gallon plant: $30 each
5 gallon plant: $60 each
15 gallon tree: $250 each
2″ caliper tree: $500 each

Prices do not include tax. Invoices will be sent (with tax added) via email to the address you provide at the end of the survey.

Where will the trees/shrubs be planted?

You can designate the location of where the plant you purchase will be planted.