Irrigation Services

At Green Summit, we offer a wide variety of services to help with in-ground sprinkler systems.

Albuquerque is located in a high desert climate. This is why we are passionate about water management and conservation. Not only are we serving customers, but we are also helping our environment.

Our Green Summit Irrigation Technicians are certified, licensed, and able to troubleshoot and repair any irrigation system. Some common services include valve repairs, sprinkler head replacements, irrigation timer repairs, back-flow preventer tests and repairs, lateral and main line breaks, low pressure issues, and winterizing. Whatever the problem is, we will find it and fix it for you!

If you have an old system that needs to be upgraded, we are proficient in the use and application of new water-saving technologies. We also perform new irrigation system installations.Give us a call today to be scheduled for our installation/upgrading irrigation services.

Water management is an important issue to us at Green Summit. We want to do our part to help be water conscious and save water? We offer the following:

  • Monitoring of irrigation systems
  • Proposing Water Saving Solutions
  • Installing Smart Irrigation Controllers
  • Using New Irrigation Technology
  • Converting high-water use landscape to xeriscape

Irrigation Services Include: 


Irrigation Troubleshooting & Repair


Water Management


Irrigation Upgrades & Installation


Smart Irrigation Controllers

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