HR and Payroll Clerk

Job Summary: As an HR & Payroll Clerk, you will play a crucial role in supporting the Human Resources (HR) and payroll functions of the organization. This position involves responsibilities related to payroll processing, record-keeping, and providing administrative support to the HR department.

Job Type: Full time – 40 hours/week
Hourly: $20.00 – $24.00 per hour

Education: Four-year college degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or equivalent is preferred but not required.

Job Requirements:

•Minimum 1 year experience in HR.
•Minimum 1 year experience processing payroll.
•Bilingual – fluent in Spanish.
•Must have knowledge of business accounting, HR Systems, and Microsoft Office.
•Must be able to work quickly and accurately, have good judgement, good spelling, and grammar,and be able to independently problem-solve.
•Must be able to work approximately 40 hours per week and provide your own transportation toand from the office.
•Must have careful attention to detail and good organizational skills.

 Computer Skills: Proficient in Windows 10, earlier editions, and latest editions in Microsoft Office applications; typing speed a minimum 70 wpm, 10-key proficient, and proficient in Microsoft Excel. Paycor or other HR/Payroll software experience preferred.