As a kid, I loved to see stripes in the grass. It looked so orderly and nice to me, and I’d watch baseball games and see things that they had mowed in their grass. I always wanted to mow our grass; I’d mow a baseball diamond in our backyard. So the Green Industry kind of found me like it does many of us. So when I got to college and was looking for majors, the minute I found out that there was something to study called Landscape Management or Horticulture, where you’d study trees, plants, grass – a special interest to me, was something that made me want to go to class, made me want to study. And then as my education has developed, I’ve got a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture that’s really developed a love in me for design. And now as I get to work in this field, every day is a learning opportunity. Every tree I see, I can learn about it. I need to know its name and why it’s acting the way it is. Every plant has a story that it’s telling us, and it’s really fun to learn.
And people have problems- maybe they don’t feel comfortable in their back yard, or don’t feel safe, or in their place of business they don’t feel welcoming. So design is a way that we can transform or change people’s places.
I love the way that all those kind of mesh together in landscape. It’s a marvelous career. It’s a career of development; I’m always learning, always growing, there’s always something; somebody will ask for something that I don’t know and I’ll get to go learn about it and educate myself and then put that in my pocket and use it later.
And it’s profitable. There’s people that need our services, especially here in New Mexico, we live in the Southwest where water is scarce, there’s a need for people that can manage water and use it wisely.
So we get very excited about what we do at Green Summit. And we all have passion and look forward to bringing people on that can help us with their own passion and provide their own expertise to creating beautiful landscapes.
I think it’s easily summed up with our mission and vision of Green Summit, to create happy people that help create happy customers, and ultimately to create beautiful and happy landscapes.