Albuquerque, New Mexico boasts a unique climate in a high desert where there are four distinct seasons throughout the year, but the winters are more mild than other parts of the U.S., such as the Midwest. Albuquerque does not receive a lot of snow, and when they do receive snow, it usually doesn’t stick around for longer than a day.

Many people wonder what our landscape maintenance crews do during the wintertime. If there is snow, we will shovel that for you, and if there is, it usually puts a damper on our maintenance activities since the ground is covered in snow. But what if there’s no snow?

Most of the winter, Albuquerque is not covered under a snowfall. This time is crucial for our maintenance contracts, and the properties still get our attention even in the winter time. During the winter we do things such as pull weeds, rake gravel, remove all the leaves that have fallen, winterize the irrigation system, perform winter watering, and get a head start on spraying pre-emergent for the impending weeds that come during the spring.

To recap, the winter time is a very important time to keep us on your property and prepare for the spring!